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We’re proud to say that we’ve been in the remodeling business for over twenty years, and during that we’ve worked our magic on a lot of rooms that our clients weren’t so proud of before we got a hold of them. Basements have always been a bit of a challenge in most homes; they have so much potential to be something really special, but are often just forgotten about or forgone for other more common rooms. While it’s perfectly understandable that many people will simply resolve to use them for storage, we all know that there’s nothing quite as fun to hang out in than a really well finished basement. Though of course money, existing structure, and available resources create...
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Kim and Robert’s remodeling story started with windows and ended with new doors, new woodwork, and a new fireplace. The windows of their Prior Lake home were installed incorrectly when the house was built in 1996 which caused them to leak and warp, making them very difficult to operate. The husband and wife discussed their window issues with Doug and came up with several options. They could have their new windows custom made to fit the original openings, or, as Doug suggested, they could use stock window sizes and adjust the frames as needed. Since the siding needed to be replaced and the couple was already planning on repainting the interior of the house, the second option was both logical...
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