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Storm Proof Your House

After the historical Fourth of July storm hit Minnesota and Wisconsin this past week we are all taking a look at how well our houses are prepared for those treacherous winds and debris falling everywhere. Living in Minnesota you never know when your weather is going to do a 360 on you. That is why having the piece-of-mind in knowing your house is built with quality materials is crucial.

Making sure your roof is in good shape is storm proofing job number one. Your shingles should tell you whether or not you need a new roof, or that leak dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen. 

The next crucial thing to take a look at is your windows. Windows get broke and they could leak during storms letting in moisture. Having energy efficient windows will help minimize the risk of damage.  

To learn more about energy efficient windows, doors and skylights visit the Energy Star website.

Storm proofing your home comes down to the construction quality. Andrus Built prides themselves in the construction of their homes and remodeling jobs. Keeping you safe, dry, and happy in your beautiful home is their number one goal.

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