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When remodeling your home you have a lot to choose from in terms of design. One element that is sometimes overwhelming is choosing the style and finish you want for your fixtures. The finish of fixtures in a living space can give a room a completely different look. Here are a few finishes that give different looks:

Metal fixtures come in a variety of colors and textures. The materials range from iron, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, and pewter. Each of these materials has different finishes that give of a certain style. For instance, choosing a stainless steel finish opposed to a bronze would give the room a more contemporary modern feel while the bronze would give more of a vintage look.

Glass is another option for fixtures. The options for glass are limitless. There are many different looks you can get from glass that will each give their own little character to a room. Using glass fixtures would be great in a county chic space.

Wood fixtures would be good for any room that has a rustic, vintage, or craft style feel to it. Using different woods would give any room a more warm feeling, great for cabins or log homes.

Another option to personalize your fixture is to paint them. This way you can customize what look and feel you want to portray in your space. Painted fixtures can be made out of a diverse range of materials, but most are a type of metal.

Remember, when you are remodeling your space, make it yours and make it something to talk about.


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