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home maintenance
Curb appeal gets brought up a lot when people talk about home improvement but do you ever wonder, does it really matter that much? Sure, a lot of home trends and design debates are a lot of hype. However, we hesitate to say the same for curb appeal; it really does make a difference. So,...
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The hazy days of summer have come and gone, which means one thing—it’s time to look ahead to fall! Every homeowner should have a seasonal maintenance checklist, that way once the weather starts changing you know exactly what projects need to be tackled. If to-do lists aren’t your strong suit then give the one below...
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We know, we know, it seems like just yesterday you were sitting out on the pontoon, slurping down a Popsicle and watching the sun set in 90 degree heat, or strolling through the Midway, washing down a gooey mouthful of State Fair Cheese Curds with a delicious milkshake from the dairy barn. Well, as much...
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