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Start Planning Your Spring Remodel Now

The New Year has arrived, and while snow may still cover the ground in Minnesota, we’re already thinking ahead to spring! Is there a remodeling project that you’re itching to tackle in spring 2018? If so, then now is the time to start making plans, setting goals, and doing research.

In truth, a considerable part of any remodel is figuring out what you like and making decisions. You’re going to need to define and redefine your taste over and over; we recommend beginning to figure that out ASAP. So, what path do you follow – what plans should you be making? Follow our basic advice for getting your spring remodel rolling below!

Phase 1 – Dream
The best way to begin is by dreaming about what you want. Hopefully, this is the fun part, right? Are there things that have been on your wish-list for years? Write down all of the ideas, materials, trends, colors, finishes, and features you love. If possible, narrow it down even further to your non-negotiables vs. preferences. Your budget may evolve, but having your goals laid out might help you make choices later.

Phase 2 – Research
Next, it’s time to get down to business! After you’ve done your dreaming, you’re going to need some necessary information. Fortunately, all of the resources available online now make this process fun and painless. Browse Pinterest for inspiration, explore design showrooms, visit remodeling home tours, or create a Houzz profile to save the things you like. A little extra effort during this phase will pay off when you sit down with a designer.

Phase 3 – Recruit
Once you’ve gotten a grip on your wish-list and research, you’re probably ready to recruit some outside help. Ask around for the names of fantastic remodelers and look up examples of their work. Remember, this person will be spending a lot of time communicating with you directly and working in your home. Don’t be afraid to ask a few hard questions and get to know them! An experienced building professional should take the weight off of your shoulders and guide the process from here.

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