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Remodeling Forecast: 2018 Home Trends

As we march deeper into 2018, we can’t help but start to speculate about what design surprises are in store for the year. You never quite know when it comes to trends, some have real staying power, while others are just a flash in the pan.

It’s our job as remodelers to study up on what’s popular in our industry and give our clients advice about which trends to take a pass on and which to pursue. After all, no one wants to invest in a major remodel only to have their home feel dated again in a matter of years.

We’re here to help you spend your resources wisely, and get the most use and enjoyment out of your space. Scroll below to see what styles we’re excited to see more of 2018!

Color Makes a Comeback
Monotone interiors (namely: white) have dominated the past few years, which means it’s time for color to make a triumphant return. We’re not saying every room should be a technicolor rainbow. However, a bright, bold, or calm dose of color is often the perfect element to give spaces energy and personality. Don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Mightly Metallics and Mattes
Metallics are another trend that’s been around for a bit, but they don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. What’s great about metallic finishes, though? They feel modern and classic. On the other hand, matte finishes are ideal if you want a hint of texture without the shiny, fingerprint-prone, reflective surface of traditional stainless steel or gold hardware.

Open and Integrated Dining Rooms
Do you like the ever-growing open concept home plan? This style isn’t going anywhere. In fact, its power only seems to be strengthening! Flowing kitchens and dining rooms, in particular, are gaining headway. Some homeowners are foregoing kitchen islands for a simple center table or an eat-in island hybrid. No one wants to waste precious square footage on a formal dining room that goes unused three-fourths of the time.

Expanded Automation
Technology and home design have always gone hand in hand. Smart home tech is all about making our lives easier and more efficient – who isn’t in favor of that?! We predict to see a continued rise of automated everything in people’s homes. What we like the most about this trend is that each homeowner gets to choose which new smart technology best suits their needs and priorities. It’s the icing on the cake of a fresh remodel.

Millwork Details
From ceilings to accent walls, we’re seeing millwork and other classic architectural details make their way into more and more homes. This might be one of our favorite recent trends! It brings a touch of craftsmanship and elevated style to any interior and its an investment in the value of your home. We love the depth and design character these upgrades provide.

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