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Kitchen Design Trends: Accent Lights


Modern kitchens are more than just a place to prepare family dinner; they’re the home’s center, ground zero, the spot where family and guests are sure to gather. As homes have moved more towards open concept floor plans and flowing family great rooms, the once humble kitchen has undergone a style revitalization.

Linoleum floors were replaced by hardwood, pastel appliances abandoned for sleek stainless steel, laminate countertops overtaken by granite and quartz, and lifeless light fixtures have been left behind for more stylish pieces.

Current home lighting trends are all about adding a touch of personality, pop of color, or unique design accent to any space. Unlike any other statement piece, lights have the ability to catch the eye and add texture, warmth, or interest to a room; after all, they literally glow!

Take a look below at one of our favorite great room’s that features an array of stunning light fixture selections – we can’t even begin to pick our favorite!







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