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Navigating Paint Choices


When it comes to making decisions, having more options is not always an upside. For some people, an endless array of choices can be quite stifling – where do you even begin? We totally understand, sometimes it’s easier to pick from a smaller menu, instead of getting overwhelmed by an expansive buffet of entrees.

Besides selecting colors, there’s also finishes to consider: gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, flat or matte? And what about trends? Do you factor them into your decision, or try to discount colors that are currently popular? Lastly, the function and vibe of your space both need to be considered. Paint colors can be soothing or energizing; they can make a dramatic statement or bring brightness and warmth to your room.

When it comes down to it, navigating the role paint will play in your space is entirely up to you! However, here’s our basic overview of paint/color theory to get you thinking:

Consider a Color’s Context. Color affects mood; it’s a powerful tool that helps set the tone in any space. Cool shades feel mellow and low-key, bright colors provide stimulation and excitement, and neutral tones are calm and natural. Our advice? Choose a color with a vibe that matches and enhances the function of your space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match. From the kitchen to the living room, two-toned color schemes are currently enjoying a major style moment. Don’t be scared to paint a bold colored accent wall or finish your space with playful pops of color! Additionally, don’t discount what different metal and textures can bring to your room. Both can help set off and enhance your paint selection.

Factor Your Lifestyle Into Finishes. One major factor to consider when picking a paint finish is the space’s traffic patterns. Different finishes simply hold up better to everyday wear and tear. For example, high sheen paints (satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss enamel) works well in busy areas, while eggshell and flat or matte finishes are better suited for more low traffic spaces.

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