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The office is perhaps the most forgotten space in home design. Instead of being a hub of organization and creativity, a lot of home offices are poorly planned afterthoughts. We know there are other rooms that guests spend more time in, and spaces you feel are more important to invest your budget on. We get it. But, as more people continue to shift toward working from home, it’s high time that the office got its fair share of attention! Here are some helpful ideas and tips on how to optimize and approach any in-home office space.

Take a Quick Assessment

Before you purchase any furniture or paint any walls, the best place to start is with a few accessing questions. Start by asking yourself the following:

  • Who will be using this space most often?
  • Do we need to accommodate dual workspaces?
  • What variety of tasks will take place?
  • Are specific kinds of storage necessary?
  • How do I work the most productively?

Take your time with this step—your thoughtfulness upfront will give direction to the decisions you make later.

Design Around Productivity

Once you’ve discerned your needs, it’s time to get remodeling! Remember, the primary purpose of any office is to be a productive work environment. Surround yourself with items that inspire and motivate you. When you’re picking out furnishings, try to find pieces that are calming, functional, and adjustable. Invest in systems that will help you stay organized, and if at all possible, plan for more than one work surface. That way, you can leave materials out in one spot, and still be able to walk away and work on another uncluttered surface.

Kid-Friendly Zone

Another helpful tip: If you have room, designate a kid-friendly corner in your office. In a perfect world, office-time and parent-time would be separated, but we all know that things inevitably come up. Outfit your kid area with a little table, paper to draw and write on, and a few unique office-only toys. This way, if you have to do double duty, you can count on keeping the little ones entertained without your space becoming a disaster zone.

Whether you’re designing a secluded workspace or optimizing an office nook, your office should reflect your style. Working from home is meant to foster a more balanced professional and personal life. If your home office is leaving you less than inspired, take charge! And, if you need a little help, give us a call. We’d love to help you create a space that you’ll love to work in for years to come.

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