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Improve Your Home’s Organization and Flow | Planning Your 2014 Remodel

Planning Your RemodelWinter is a great time to evaluate the way your home works for you. You’ve just completed a round of holiday gatherings, so the pros and cons of your home are fresh in your memory! Plus, the frigid weather has you cozied up inside with all that’s good and not-so-good about your home. But where do you begin?

Take a look at our tips for thinking through ways to improve your home in 2014:

Consider Traffic Flow
Whether its neighbors, kids, family or friends, where does everyone’s “stuff” land when they arrive at your home? Think of your own family members who dump backpacks and papers, as well as visitors who bring in extra boots, coats, food and more. Consider the exciting prospect of adding a mudroom to deal with all the boots, bags and coats. Check out this Ideabook on Houzz for some inspiration!

Find Clutter Hot Spots
All homes have clutter hot spots… paper bottle-necks… piles of junk! Whatever you call them, and however you deal with them, some persistent piles are a sign your home is in need of a more significant change. Could it be that the overflowing craft supplies deserve their own craft room?! Or maybe the shared home office is no longer working and its time to create more space!

Assess Off-Season Storage
Whether you rotate decorations for the holidays, clothing for the Minnesota weather, or sports equipment in the off-season, answer this question: is it working? As with clutter, sometimes tackling your home’s storage challenges is just a matter of some good old-fashioned discipline. Other times it is a telltale sign you need to remodel. If storage is overflowing, perhaps this is the year to redo the laundry room – adding storage for off-season linens! Or maybe a new master suite could include larger closets with easier access to clothing and accessories? This attic remodel is definitely inspiring!

Ultimately there are many ways to determine which project to start, and only you know what will make your house an even better home! Take a few minutes today to think about your house, your family, and the project you’d like to tackle in 2014!

Ready to get a jump on that Twin Cities or St. Paul remodeling project?  Contact Andrus Built today for more info, and get started on your 2014 remodel!


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