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Creating the Perfect Homework Station in Your Home No Matter Your Budget or Space |  Remodeling and Home Building Services St Paul MN

Homework Station Ideas | Remodeler Builder N St Paul MN Andrus BuiltIt’s August and that means back-to-school season is just around the corner!  Whether your kids are little or big (or you’re working on a degree of your own) you’ll need an area or two in your home dedicated to homework space.

Don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be tricky.  And you can work with what you have, with just a few creative tweaks.  Here’s our guide to creating the perfect homework station in your own home:

  • Light It Up: Make sure you choose a spot that is well-lit.  Whether that’s overhead light like recessed lights, a powerful desk lamp, or a sunlit spot by a large window, make sure you choose a spot that that’s nice and bright, or a space that will allow you to bring more light in.
  • Be a Non-Conformist: While we’d all love to have a decked-out home office space, or tidy kids’ desks complete with shelves and organizational units, if you don’t, you’re still in luck.  The kitchen, living room, a bedroom, or the landing above the stairs are all possibilities when you get creative.
  • Consider the Sound Vibe: Depending on the age of the student(s), and each persons preferences, you might want a busy area of the home or a quiet one.  For younger kids, a high-traffic area where mom or dad are ready to jump in and help with tricky math might be the most idea (think: kitchen island or living area).  For kids who area great at getting things done on their own, or need quiet to focus, choose a more secluded area, like a den, sunroom, or bedroom.
  • Prioritize Organization: You might be picturing a file cabinet or a shelving unit, but while these can be handy, they’re far from necessary.  The key factor is in the quaint little saying, “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  When your designated homework area has an assigned place for cords, folders, pencils, and more, it will feel like a relaxed, organized space.  This can be as simple as a cute bin that slides in and out under a side table.  Or if the kitchen island is your homework station, clear out part of a lower cabinet, and make it a homework haven.
  • Keep it Comfy: No one wants to do homework in a space that’s miserably uncomfortable.  If your child’s desk came with a stiff chair, try adding some pillows or cushions.  If you choose an area on the side of the sofa by an end table, purchase a lap desk for the student to comfortably write or use their laptop on. Then cozy on up and let the school year begin!

Spending some time working on a homework station for your student(s) may make the entire school year more relaxed for everyone in your home!

If you’re looking for additional tips on adding style and ease to your homework station try these from House Beautiful, or take a look at these real homes on houzz.com to give you the inspiration you need to get started!

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