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Homeowners Questions: Build an Addition or Move?

It’s one of the greatest questions homeowners have when deciding the next step for their family – do we remodel, add-on or move? Do you invest more resources and energy into your current home or start over? It’s no small choice.

So, how do you go about deciphering what’s right for your family and practical for your home? We’d suggest weighing the following factors as you consider your decision.

The Neighborhood
First question, do you love your current neighborhood? If you can’t imagine missing the yearly block party or your kids losing their playmates, then a remodel or addition might be more your speed. After all, you can improve your home, but you can’t replace people and valuable relationships.

Your House’s Bones
Next, it’s time to consider the framework of your home. Does it have “good bones”? Will it cooperate with construction and hold up in the long run? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then we suggest enlisting the help of a handy friend, contractor, or home inspector! Solicit some honest, expert advice before you commit to tearing down walls.

What Do You Want
Another point to consider: what do you really want? Are you craving a customized space, a new home, more room, a different layout? Where do your priorities lie? If customization or extra space are your goals, then an addition might be more your speed. However, if you’re dreaming about a whole new home or layout, then moving is worth looking into.

Project Mode
Before you embark on an ambitious remodel or addition, ask yourself, am I ready for project mode? Moving is tiring, but home improvement is also a lot of work. Your routine will still be interrupted, and remodeling involves plenty of plans and decisionmaking. Our recommendation? Do some research so you enter the building process with realistic expectations.

Need More Help?
Want to learn more about our remodeling or addition process or ask a specific question about your project? We’re always happy to talk remodeling or even help you find a new home, get in touch with our team anytime!

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