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Lower Level Remodeling: Our 5 Favorite Ideas

Are you utilizing your lower level space? Does it currently function as disorganized storage or wasted square footage? Basement remodeling can be a tricky balance between making practical and playful choices. Do you want a party-friendly rec room or unlimited storage space?

With an experienced contractor by your side, your project budget and imagination are the only limits! Feeling stumped about what the right remodeling plan is for your unfinished or dated lower level? Read on below for our five favorite basement update ideas.

1. Party Pad
Lower levels are the perfect place to create your ultimate party pad. From custom bars to game areas to anything else that suits your party style, basements are a great location for more informal hosting! Everyone feels a little more at ease when you retreat downstairs.

2. Kid-Friendly Hideout
Tired of seeing toys strewn about your entire house? If so, then we highly suggest adding a playroom to your lower level remodel must-list. However, try not to go too little kiddish. Design a space that will age well with your kids – from playdates to slumber parties!

3. Media Room
Whether you prefer hosting the big game or Oscar day, a media room is a great place to gather with family and friends. And who also doesn’t love getting cozy on the couch (with snacks nearby, of course) and settling in a for a chill movie night?

4. Home Gym
If breaking a sweat is more your style, then why not save both time and money and create a home gym? The best part of designing your own workout space is you can customize the area and equipment to your preferences. Bonus: no sharing or long lines!

5. Project Central
This last idea is the most practical, but ideal if your family is particularly crafty or enterprising. Whether you work from home, scrapbook or craft a lot, or simply need a storage mecca, the basement is a great place to keep everything organized and ready for your next project!

Itching to create the lower level of your dreams? Reach out to us today – we’d love to help you get the ball rolling!

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