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When to Remodel Your Commercial Space

Has your commercial space seen better days or have you started to outgrow your company’s home base? Much like our houses, our businesses often need to evolve with our changing needs.

You wouldn’t expect one home to fit your family for a lifetime, right? Why would you expect one office to suit your company’s needs indefinitely? So, when do you take the plunge and renovate your commercial space?

Read on below for our advice on how to decipher when a design refresh is due.

Things Look Dated
If your commercial space looks like it was transported from another era (not in a good way), then it’s probably time for a change. At some point, a tired look can become a liability. First impressions matter and people may wonder why you don’t invest more in your business. New customers might also associate a dated storefront or interior with antiquated business practices.

The Layout is Impractical
Another indication that’s time for a change is if your current layout is more of a hindrance than a help. We get it – remodeling is expensive, and sometimes you have to make do. But, it’s also impossible to grow your business if your space limits you. Stop struggling with an environment that wasn’t designed for your company! 

Your Brand has Changed
Most businesses evolve; as mission statements, websites, and logos change, shouldn’t your professional home adapt with them? For example, if you’re a high-end jeweler (like the photo above), your retail space should exude a sense of sophistication and class. Or a custom builder’s office should make potential clients feel welcome and at home, while still displaying a knowledge of modern industry trends.

The Design Stifles Productivity
Finally, does the design of your space keep you and your team from working well? Maybe there’s never enough room for everyone to gather together for a meeting. Or employees complain about the lack of private space for important client phone calls. Your office, showroom, etc. should enhance your business efforts, not be your greatest source of stress.

Ready to Get Started?
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