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Open House Season: DIY or Don’t?

The end of the school year is approaching, which means one thing for parents of the class of 2018: grad party season! If you’re hosting an open house at home, now’s the time to start making plans. For example, are you hoping to tackle any projects before the big day?

Giving your home a pre-grad party refresh is quite common. After all, how often are dozens of friends and family members all converging on your house in one day? It’s a fantastic excuse for giving your space some remodeling love.

So, let’s say you’ve made a project list. Your next question is, who’s going to get all of this done? Even if you’re pretty handy or have tons of extra time (haha, right?), some updates are still better left to the pros. Read below for the top grad party improvements we recommend not DIYing.

Walls Coming Down
Major structural changes should never be taken lightly. Think twice before knocking down walls by yourself. An experienced contractor can decipher if your wall is load-bearing, re-route water, heat, and power lines, and save you a lot of hassle.

Kitchen Overhaul
Remodeling an entire kitchen is no small feat. Small, more superficial updates are doable. But we’d suggest getting help if you’re planning to move appliances, rearrange the room’s layout or build out new areas.

New Outdoor Spaces
Porches, decks, patios, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens are all great places for hosting a grad party. Instead of messing with city rules and permits, let us sweat the details for you!

Big Additions
This one should go without saying, but it’s always best to hire expert help when adding on to your home. Additions require careful planning and wading through a lot of red tape; it’s a full-time job.

Party-Friendly Basement
Ready to build that basement bar or finally finish your lower level? We’ve got you covered! Instead of wasting all of your weekends off remodeling, we’ll get your home looking like party central in no time!

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