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Quick Tricks From Interior Designers!

Is your home not quite ready for a full renovation, and yet still in need of something?  Sometimes our rooms just need a little freshening up!  To give your space a boost and to help ensure that your personality shines through in every room of your home, follow these tips practiced by interior design pros:

Transform Your Room With Color: Paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to dramatically change a space.  Whether you opt for one of this season’s most popular shades, like a neutral gray or blue, or the bright pop of Pantone’s color of the year, use paint to give yourself instant gratification in the way of significant room transformation!

Create A Focal Point: Brighten up a dull room by giving visitors something specific to look at.  Whether you invest in a piece of statement furniture, some rocking wall art, or a new fireplace mantle, create a natural place for guests’ eyes to fall.  To truly make your focal point pop, arrange the rest of your room’s furniture in a V shape facing your point of interest.

Shine A Little Light On The Matter: The right lighting can set a room’s tone and create instant ambiance.  To create different lighting arrangements, consider using multiple sources including floor lamps, tabletop lamps, sconces, accent lights and overhead lighting.  Incorporate both ambient lighting for mood and direct lighting for tasks.

Rely on Accents: While completely replacing your flooring might not be an option, rolling out a new area rug or floor mat likely is.  Not only can they brighten up a space or bring new color into a room, they are also great for hiding worn carpet or covering any areas looking a bit worse from the wear.  The same can be said for window treatments.  Rely on new curtains to brighten and frame your windows and accent your room.

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