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Back To School – Making Your Home Study Friendly!

With the first few weeks of school under your belt you are likely becoming a pro at getting out the door in the morning, a master of snack creation, and a homework warrior.  With all of those important titles to juggle, back to school can be a tough challenge!  Help your home work for you by creating a space conducive to your new scholarly schedule.

  • Let Your Kids Get In On The Organization Action: Getting out the door in the morning can be one of the biggest challenges to sending our kids back to school.  Not to mention, the pitch of your morning routine can set the tone for the rest of the day for both you and your crew.  Help simplify your send-off by creating a system that allows your children to get involved.  Install easy-to-access cubbies so that your kids can gather their own outerwear (and return it to its rightful place at the end of the night).  Short on space?  A simple hook, assigned to each child, with a basket placed underneath for shoes and other accessories will do the trick just as well!


  • Get Everyone On The Same Page: One of the keys to a smoothly running household is to have everyone following the same game plan.  Make this possible by creating a central organization hub, complete with a large, family calendar.  Color code activites to represent different family members and train everyone to check in regularly.  Older children can help update the calendar with their own after school activities and committments.  Create an in-and-out area for mail, and folders or mailboxes for each family member to store their important papers and notices.


  • Create A Homework Station: Get your kids excited for homework by creating a fun space within which to do it!  Decide on where in your home children will be doing homework – their bedrooms, the kitchen table, a designated study room?  When picking your space, don’t forget to take into consideration your child’s age and study style.  Do they do best when parents or siblings are easily accessible to answer questions or do they prefer solitary study?  Once you have your space picked out, create a study corral of all necessary supplies.  Stock a container with age appropriate writing utensils, craft supplies, and resources like calculators and dictionaries.  If room permits, create an easily accessible writing space to work through math problems or write out spelling words by framing in a area of wall and painting it with chalkboard paint!

With a little consideration your home will be as ready to perform on the back-t0-school job as you are!

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