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Curb appeal gets brought up a lot when people talk about home improvement but do you ever wonder, does it really matter that much? Sure, a lot of home trends and design debates are a lot of hype. However, we hesitate to say the same for curb appeal; it really does make a difference.

So, why is it worthwhile to invest in your home’s exterior? Continue reading below for the top five reasons why we believe curb appeal is essential!

1. Resale Value

If selling your home later is possible (which it usually is for most people), curb appeal is a necessary expense. Buyers care about an attractive exterior, plain and simple. We’re confident you’ll see returns on this investment someday.

2. Builds Equity

Along the same lines as resale value, a well-maintained and beautiful exterior increases home equity. These updates might feel superficial, but they build lasting value! After all, your siding, roof, windows, and lighting protect and sustain your home.

3. Exterior Upkeep

Curb appeal is about more than looking good; exterior maintenance keeps your home in tip-top shape! Neglecting these tasks isn’t just an eyesore — it can seriously compromise your home’s overall structural integrity.

4. Outdoor Safety

When left to their own devices, your home’s lighting, pathways, and landscaping can fall into ruin. These issues may not be an immediate worry, but they can quickly become a significant safety concern. Keeping your exterior clean and bright will increase accessibility and security!

5. First Impression

Finally, a home with a great exterior makes a strong first impression. Think about it this way: what we see shapes how we feel. A manicured and orderly exterior makes people feel welcomed and wanted in your home.

Are you ready to step up your home’s curb appeal? We can help you tackle those nagging exterior projects; get in touch with us today!

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