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Small Space Solutions: Tips for a Better Bedroom


When it comes design makeovers or organization overhauls, one room that’s often left for last is the bedroom. It makes sense; bedrooms are private, quiet, intimate places. Closed off and hidden away from guests, bedrooms are more about practicality over perfection. While many of us would adore creating the calm oasis we crave, other design priorities often prevail.

We’d never discredit anyone for being realistic; however, we also believe no one should settle for spaces they don’t even like, let alone love. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision. At any price point, there are tons of options available to make your small, forgotten, or bland bedroom better than ever; read on below for our favorite tips and tricks!

Budget-Minded Makeover. Need a more money-conscious makeover approach? No sweat! (Well, actually, you might have to break a sweat and get your hands a little dirty!) The best place to start is with paint. Lighter colors are sure to make any small space appear bigger; they also set a more mellow mood. Mirrors are another go-to solution. A stylish, well-placed mirror can help bring visual interest and create the illusion of more light and square footage. Lastly, editing is always your friend! Sort through your possessions and furnishings and eliminate what you don’t need. Bedroom’s collect stray stuff, any space improves with less clutter.

Middle of the Road Remodeler. Ready to make some investments, but not looking to break the bank? Perfect, let’s get planning! At this price point, it may make more sense to call in professional, unless you’re a die-hard DIYer. A strategically placed built-in or closet overhaul is an excellent organizational re-set button. Both remove the need for excess furniture that takes up precious space! Adding pendant lights and floating shelves instead of bedside tables is another smart design trick. In essence, anything that brings more light and openness to the room will serve you well!

All-Out Design Do-Over. Last but not least, are you ready for a total change without constraints? Fantastic – you fill remodelers with excitement! Whether you’re looking to tear down a wall, re-orient your space, or add an entirely new suite, an experienced builder is your best bet. Structural changes require careful planning and solid craftsmanship. We’d suggest starting by saving your favorite ideas on Houzz or Pinterest and then meeting with an industry expert to get feedback and guidance on your project. Eager to get to work? Connect with us anytime!

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