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Weatherproofing Your Home for Winter


The leaves are changing and halloween is already mere weeks away. Fall is here in all its glory, which unfortunately means something else too, winter will not be far behind. We’re aware that thoughts of shoveling snow are utterly unappealing in October, but lower temps will arrive before we know it – this is Minnesota after all!

As the old adage says, the early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, the early bird gets the peace of mind of being prepared for the first snowfall before it happens. No one likes feeling blindsided, now is the time to winterize your home for winter! Need help determining where to direct your attention? No problem, we’d suggest getting started with the 4 areas below first and foremost!

Windows and Doors. This one is probably pretty obvious, but it still bears repeating, make sure all of your home’s windows and doors are ready for the deep freeze. Windows and doors are literally your home’s gateway to the outside world, a leaky frame could cause frustrating drafts and slowly drive up your heating costs over time!

Gutter Check. Gutters are another potential cold weather problem area. When clogged, or even just set at an incorrect angle, gutters can be one thawing snowfall away from sabotaging your basement. Although gutter maintenance is important, we must also advise great caution whenever dealing with your rooftop related maintenance. Do check your gutters, but never at the expense of your personal safety. Be careful and call in the professionals when you need to!

Seal Concrete Cracks. Issues in your sidewalk or driveway may seem minor now, but once truly freezing temps hit they’ll only become worse. As winter snowfalls thaw and re-freeze, insignificant cracks will only widen more over time. The result? Inconvenient, or even treacherous paths for you and your loved ones to navigate around your home all winter.

Access the Attic. Whether it’s serious water leaks, seeping insulation, or even potential critter invasions, attic related debacles are anything but fun. Before the first frost hits, be sure to head up to the attic and make sure all is well. Be on the look out especially for wet spots and any light seeping in from outside, if you notice either, then you will probably need to do some insulation repair.

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