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Planning Your Next Home Addition? 6 Tips to Help You Prepare | St Paul MN Home Additions

Planning for your home addition is so exciting! But it can also be extremely overwhelming. Not to worry! We’ve pulled together some helpful tips to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. With these simple suggestions from Andrus Built, you will have your dream home, as well as an enjoyable home renovation experience in no time.

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  1. Set A Realistic Budget – It’s important to set a budget that you feel comfortable with. The last thing you want to do is design a home you aren’t able to enjoy once it’s completed. We can help you with choosing selections to fit your budget!
  2. List Priorities – This is a list of things you need, versus things you want. What are the things that are non-negotiable to you? Write a detailed list of the needs and functions you desire for your new space.
  3. Hire A Professional – A home addition is not like a DIY project – leave this to the professionals. They do this everyday and have the knowledge to accurately and safely execute the project.
  4. Respect Your Neighbors – Rather than hearing from an angry neighbor during the construction of your exciting new home addition, it’s best to approach them early on and take note of any issues they might have. While this is your home, you want to be considerate of your neighbors.
  5. Check on Financing – A new addition sounds amazing but it won’t be a wonderful experience if you break ground on the project before knowing where the money will come from. Know where you stand financially so you can enjoy the home addition process.
  6. Realistic Expectations – Setting realistic expectations will give you the best overall experience! Be realistic with your budget, your needs, and the timeline that a project will take.

With these 6 guidelines, you’ll have a newly renovated space in no time! If you’d like more information or have questions, please contact us here.

At Andrus Built, we specialize in home building and renovation. Check out some of our previous projects here and see what our clients are saying! We love working with homeowners to achieve their dream home – each project we do is customized to fit their tastes and budget. Connect with us here – we look forward to meeting you!

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