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Are Recessed Lights Right for Your Home Remodel? Pros & Cons of Using Recessed Lights | Remodeler & Builder North St Paul MN

Recessed lights mixed with pendants create an ideal accent in this space.
Recessed lights mixed with pendants create an ideal accent in this space.

Recessed lights, also referred to as can lights, are built into specially created gaps in the ceiling so that they appear flush with the ceiling wall.  Recessed lights are commonplace in many homes, providing an uncluttered look and a steady stream of overhead light. They are especially popular in hallways, entries, kitchens, or living areas, but can be used in almost any room.

Homeowners and builders utilize them for lots of good reasons, but are they the right fit for your new space?

Here are some pros and cons as you consider using recessed lighting in your new remodel:

Pros of Recessed Lights
Hidden – Without exposed wires or cords in view, recessed lights provide a clean, uncluttered look. A bonus of this is that they keeps hazards at bay as well.
Energy Efficient – Recessed lights generally use low-voltage bulbs and offer the possibility of a dimmer switch, allowing you to use even less energy when you want to. (All while experiencing the ambiance of dimmed lights at times you choose).
Even Wash of Light – Since recessed lights are installed in multiples, spread out across the ceiling, they create a bright, evenly lit room, often more bright than a single fixture.

Cons of Recessed Lights
Permanent – Once your lights are installed, they can’t be rearranged. So if you design them for the layout (furniture, art, etc) of a particular room and then rearrange, they might not provide the same light for your new focal points.
Direct – Since recessed lights shine directly from above, they can cast shadows and sometimes create a harsh look that generally isn’t the most flattering on people.  With this in mind, they’re not a great light source for applying makeup or shaving for instance.
Quantity – With minimal output per light, you need a lot of them to light a room well.
Ceiling Compatibility – Concrete ceiling or older home? Recessed lights can’t be installed into a ceiling of concrete, or in one with ornate plasterwork or delicate molding details.

Recessed lights provide a minimalistic look that may be a good fit for your home. Ideally, you’ll want to consider a combination of lighting in any room to give it a feeling of depth and ambiance. Using a chandelier or hanging a set of pendant lights for instance, in addition to your recessed lights, might offer the look and flexibility you’re after.

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