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Creative & Unique Touches for Your New Kitchen Remodel | Kitchen Remodeling St Paul MN

Remodeling your kitchen?  Let the excitement begin!  Along with the thrill of newness however, can come the pressure of planning, organizing, and waiting it out — but don’t let the work outweigh the anticipation.  One way to keep the thrill fresh as your kitchen-to-be takes shape is to have a specific, unique aspect of your newly remodeled kitchen to look forward to!  After all, if you’re going to invest the time and money into this new space, you want the end-result to be truly exciting.

Adding creative, unique touches Breakfast Bar Kitchen Remodelto your kitchen remodel doesn’t have to mean splurging left and right.  Selecting even just one feature for your new kitchen that you know you’ll especially love will fuel your excitement and motivation through the remodeling process. Here are a few creative features you may want to consider as you remodel your kitchen to set it above the rest:

 A Kitchen Fireplace –  What once was a home standard has been replaced by the modern day stove and other cooking conveniences.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add the luxury of a fireplace to your kitchen!  Whether it be a small stone hearth or a built-in-fireplace that is the focal point of the room, a kitchen fireplace gives you even more reason to enjoy everyone’s favorite space in the house.  Peak at the kitchen fireplace ideas from houzz here.

 A Breakfast Nook – Make each morning special!  A breakfast nook can be anything from a sit-in eating area, to a small portion of your cabinetry and countertops set aside as the daily breakfast-buffet area.  Turn stressful mornings into something to look forward to with a cereal bar, pastry area, or create-your-own-waffle station.  As you design your new kitchen, decide what features will work best with your space and look forward to cozy mornings in the kitchen!  Peak at these savvy food storage tips to add some creative punch to your new breakfast space.

Creative Storage – From utilizing your kitchen island in a non-traditional way to adding cabinetry with super-cool features, your kitchen selections don’t have to stick to the norm.  Try adding a chalkboard for young kids on the side of your kitchen island, or creating a space for your pet under a cabinet cubby.  Let the creative juices flow… here are 23 more kitchen storage solutions sure to get you excited!

These ideas are just a start.  As you make your kitchen remodel decisions, on a budget big or small, make sure to think about what one or two unique features will make you smile day after day as you enjoy the thrill of your new kitchen!

Ready to remodel your St. Paul or Twin Cities kitchen?  Andrus Built is here to help!  Share your ideas and let us create an amazing space that you will value and love for years to come.  Contact us about your Saint Paul / Twin Cities remodel needs today!

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