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Basement Design Tips: Is it Time to Finish or Update Your Basement?

At some point during our beautiful MN summers we stop wondering when it will finally get hot, and start trying to find ways to stay cool.  While we don’t recommend cooping up indoors for long (summer will be gone before we know it!) it’s nice to have a cool and restful space indoors to recoup from too much sun, or enjoy some not-so-humid downtime.  And once the weather turns chilly again, an indoor hideout is definitely in order.  Your basement is just the place!

Whether your basement is an empty mess of concrete that needs to be finished or you have some usable space but improvements are in order, here are 5 design tips for sprucing up your basement into the escape it should be:

Don’t Be Afraid of Color – Just because it’s below ground doesn’t mean earth tones have to rule.  Don’t be afraid to perk up your space with light airy pastels or punches of color in the way of cozy pillows or bright colored chairs.  Peak at the colorful and family-friendly basement makeover from hgtv here for inspiration.

Consider Primary Use – Who will spend most of their time in the basement?  If you don’t have kids around, feel free to make the space a grown-up haven, complete with a bar area, sophisticated furniture, and deep hues.  But if a child’s play space is your primary purpose, keep storage, soft furniture, and a play area in mind.  Want the best of both?  Never fear, build yourself a family-friendly bar area, complete with popcorn and snacks, and set aside part of the room for movie nights and part for play time.  Design it around your actual lifestyle.

Investigate What You’re Missing – Small kitchen upstairs?  Not enough coat storage?  When you finish your basement, keep these things in mind.  Add an extra pantry at the bottom of the stairs.  Create a mudroom area for off-season coats and boots (or life jackets and water skis, depending on the season!)

Keep Company in Mind – If you often host relatives during the holidays or have friends come to stay, creating a space that gives them some independence is a nice treat.  Adding a small bathroom and guest bedroom is a wonderful idea if you have the space, but it can be the extra touches that count.  Maybe a half kitchenette area with a mini fridge and sink so they don’t have to run upstairs for their midnight snack, or even just a pull-out sofa for when you need the extra bed space.

Don’t Skimp on Lighting – A basement may be an underground hideout, but that doesn’t mean we have to shun the light.  Add in an egress windows as you’re able, and lots of overhead lights, such as recessed can lighting, plus a few fun lamps here and there.  You want the basement to draw you in like a relaxing, cheerful retreat.  Peak at the innovative basement lighting ideas from Better Homes & Gardens here.

Whether you need to start from scratch and finish your basement, or you just need a few remodeling tweaks to make your basement the haven it should be, we’re ready to help here at Andrus Built.  Give us a call today!

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