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Creating an Amazing Entryway or Mudroom

Your entryway is the first thing that welcomes you into your home.  And no doubt it’s a necessary, well-used space.  Why not make it as cozy and practical as the rest of your house?  Whether your entry is a separate mudroom space, or simply a section of your living room or kitchen, here are some great tips to take it up a notch:

Reserved Seating: Include one piece of furniture that can double as a place to set things and a place to sit down while taking shoes off.  This can be a pretty antique chair, a roomy bench, or just a sturdy crate.  Whatever fits your space and style.

Hang In There: Every entry should include a space to hang coats or bags – whether that’s hooks on the wall or a coat rack.  Even if you have a closet nearby, a few extra hooks are nice for company or easy access to bags or keys.  If you need hanging storage for all of your entryway stuff, consider having built-in custom lockers or cubbies installed – made of wood, they are decidedly grown-up.

Hide & Go Seek:  Some things (muddy boots for instance) are best hidden.  Storage space is key in an entryway or mudroom, but easy access is a must.  Cabinetry or built-in shelves can be an amazing asset if you have the room.  Consider a built-in bench that lifts for storage or utilizes cubbies that pull out below.  Using beautiful cabinet styles or elegant storage options that suit the rest of your home are not out of place here – who says a mudroom can’t be beautiful too?  Click here to see some of hgtv’s entryway storage and design tips.

Add or Subtract: If your home doesn’t have a natural entryway or mudroom, adding one might be a great fit.  Adding a small room off the side of your home could make all the difference in keeping your kitchen floor clean or your living room un-cluttered.  Or you could consider separating part of an existing laundry room or hallway into an intentional mudroom space.

Charm Me: An entryway space has every right to be as charming and decorative as the rest of your home, if not more.  After all, it’s the first impression that counts, right?  Add a mirror or decorative piece to the wall.  Consider flowers on a shelf or on a small welcoming table.  And don’t forget that an entryway needs light, and it might as well be attractive – a small hanging chandelier or lamp of interest can be a wonderful touch.  Click here to read some fun tips for summer entryway décor from Houzz.

Need help taking your entryway up a notch?  Want to install cabinetry or extra storage?  Ready to add on a mudroom or addition to your home space?  Connect with us at Andrus Built today!  Remodeling and building in St Paul and throughout the Twin Cities.


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