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The 5 Top Spring Remodeling Projects — Spring is Coming to MN!

Here in Minnesota, we’re definitely ready for Spring!  And it will come.  We’ll put aside the snow shovels, hide the boots, and start to get excited about going outside rather than curling up by our fireplaces!

Spring is also the time of year that’s perfect Spring Home Projectsto wipe out those home projects that you don’t want lingering into Summer.  If you’ve got the itch to make a few changes to your home, big or small, take a cue from this list of 5 Spring remodeling projects that may be just what your home needs:

1. Sand those Floors – Maybe your floors have taken a beating from people and pets, or maybe you just want to upgrade to something new!  This indoor project may not get you outside, but since it kicks up large quantities of dust, it requires lots of ventilation.  Spring allows us the ability to keep the windows and doors open, letting fresh air in.  Also, with the boots soon to be hidden, your newly refinished floors will be snow free for at least a few months.  Floor sanding is not fun in the Summer heat, so get a jump on creating those beautiful floors now!

2. Build an Addition — Though contractors manage to build homes and additions all year long, Spring is a great time to have their full attention, allow for great ventilation during projects, and also beat the Summer rush which involves more outdoor projects such as siding and roofing.  Better weather will also help ensure that your contractor will be able to stick to a better timetable.

3.  Add Insulation – Why make your home warmer when the weather is already getting warmer?  To keep the cool are in!  Though we’re tired of the cold right now, Summer in MN will bring heat and humidity and better insulation keeps more of the cooled air inside. And of course you’ll be doing yourself a year long favor — once the winter cold returns, more heat will stay inside too.

4.  Lay Asphalt Driveway — You might not think that weather has a huge effect on the dumping of steaming asphalt onto the driveway and smoothing it out.  However Asphalt actually needs the right factors of temperature and moisture to set properly.  Better weather leads to a better driveway.  Late Spring is probably the best time for this.

5. Improve Your Entryway and Windows – Adding new doors and windows can improve the look, feel, and energy bill of your home!  If you install ENERY STAR rated windows, you can gain as much as a 30 percent reduction in energy use and boost curb appeal at the same time.  Plus, as it begins to stay light longer in the Spring and Summer, you will enjoy the benefits and natural ambiance of more natural light throughout your home during the seasons we enjoy it most.

Need assistance with your Spring Remodeling Projects?  Contact us here at Andrus Built for expert advice and an exceptional remodeling experience in St Paul and throughout the Twin Cities.

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