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Home Remodeling Trends for 2013 | Saint Paul Remodeling

Remodeling a home always has its own custom direction, but every few years there are trends seen throughout the industry.  Based on how families function today, the use of technology, eco-friendly product availability, and the economic direction of our country, here are some trends that will likely be seen in home remodeling throughout 2013. Eco Friendly Cabinets by Neil Kelly

1. Healthier and more Eco-Friendly Homes

Green materials and sustainability have finally become mainstream, proving that green can be beautiful and practical.   And with many of us trying to live healthier lives, the positive impact on our planet is a natural result.  Creating healthier homes can be done in many ways:

  • Using low volatile organic compounds (voc) paints & coatings
  • Investing in materials free of toxins and harsh chemicals
  • Ensuring we have sufficient light and ventilation in our home
  • Installing green energy sources that also save money

2. The Home Office and Special Purpose Rooms

With digital devices changing the world, more and more people are working from home.  And even those who aren’t officially working at home need a space for bill paying, internet browsing, and project doing.  People want a home office, and preferably one that’s a welcoming space, with lots of light and a well thought out organizational aspect.  Craft rooms, laundry rooms that double as storage areas, and playrooms are also popular special purpose rooms.

3. Remodeling Smaller Homes rather than Moving into Larger Ones

Vast, luxury square-footage in a home isn’t what it used to be.  With the economic changes over the last several years, we’ve gotten used to staying in our homes longer, rather than jumping on the more-is-better bandwagon.  People are making remodeling decisions in their smaller home to suit their stage of life rather than moving around as their kids grow up or move out.

4. Using Space Practically

Along those same lines, homeowners are taking on the “How do we use this space more wisely?” viewpoint rather than a “How can we get more space?” perspective.  When remodeling, they’re making decisions such as:

  • Adding more drawers and organizational units to kitchens to get the most out of their cabinets and kitchen space
  • Adding built in closet and storage shelving to organize what they already have
  • Finding space for small mudrooms to make their life easier as season’s change
  • Steering toward multi-purpose rooms that double as a family room and a dining room, or knocking down walls so that a kitchen blends into the living room to create a family living area

Whether you want to follow the trends or create a custom space that is perfect for your home and family, we at Andrus Built are ready to help.  From small remodeling jobs to major additions, start the New Year by turning your home into the practical, beautiful space you want it to be.

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