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As the weather begins to warm, you’re likely fighting the temptation to get outside and enjoy spring!  However, before you head to Target Field to catch a ball game or off to the farmer’s market to stock up on spring produce, take a moment to consider investing in one of these popular spring home improvement projects.  While great any time of year, these four undertakings are particularly well suited for spring:

1. Gutters and Drains: Spring is prime time for gutter and drain usage.  Make sure yours are in fighting form by replacing any old gutters and ensuring that all downspouts are pointed away from your home’s foundation to avoid flooding.

2. Decks and Sun Porches: Get ready to fully enjoy the summer with the addition or deck or sun porch.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizable and customizable to any budget or timeline, decks and sun porches are a great way to expand your usable outdoor living space.  Start on this project now and have a new area for socializing and dining come summertime!

3. Siding: While we were indoors staying warm, our home exteriors were enduring the brunt of winter.  Have your siding inspected to check for any signs of damage and consider replacing it or upgrading your home’s exterior altogether.

4. Driveways: Like siding, driveways and sidewalks don’t always fare well in the winter months.  Take this opportunity to check both for signs of damage and make repairs where necessary.  If you are considering resealing your driveway this year, now is a great time to get that project underway as well.

Start your spring home improvement projects now and have your home in tip-top shape just in time to enjoy summer!  Contact us today to get started on your home improvement plans.

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