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Three years ago Jackie dreamed of owning an assisted living facility. To help make her dream a reality, she was referred to Andrus Built for both their real estate and renovations expertise! In 2011 Jackie had her dream building – just not her dream design. However, what started out as a home for one turned into a warm and welcoming assisted living home for the elderly with the help of Andrus Built. “I wanted to renovate a large home into a multi-tenant facility,” explains facility owner, Jackie. Built in 1999, the single family home, while large and spacious was not properly equipped to handle multiple residents of varying degrees of mobility.

To begin with, all of the home’s carpets, counter tops and walls were upgraded and replaced. The outside of the property received a face lift as well, complete with custom-made flower boxes built by Andrus. A sliding glass door was also cut into an outside wall allowing residents access to a custom-built deck.

To make the home accessible to all, a long ramp, built to handicap-accessible specifications, was constructed in the garage. Next, Andrus Built worked with an elevator installation expert to place a 750-pound capacity commercial elevator in the home. In preparation of the monstrous device the kitchen was modified to include an elevator frame and shaft.

Jackie relied on Doug and his team heavily through this part of the process as the group worked to determine where the elevator should be located: “Doug entertained several locations. His ability to analyze where the elevator would land on the lower level from the upper level was phenomenal…I couldn’t visualize that at all. He worked very cooperatively and met with the elevator installation folks on specifications for this addition several times,” Jackie recalled.

The end result was a functional amenity that meshed well with the overall aesthetic of the home! The addition of the elevator not only allowed multi-floor access for wheel chair bound residents, it also made weekly tasks, such as hauling laundry from one floor to the next, easier for all!

The project was expedited by the knowledgeable Andrus Built team. “Doug was very instrumental in getting contractors specialized in each area to assist with selections. It would have taken me months to decide on all this if it had not been for Doug!” explained Jackie.

And the end result? A dream come true for Jackie and a new home for her residents!

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