Fireplace Facelift: 5 Ways to Update Your Fireplace in 2020

Design trends are in constant flux, but certain interior elements seem particularly subject to passing styles. When it comes to the living room, we can think of no feature more prominent than the family fireplace. The mantel is the star of the show, the centerpiece of the traditional American family room. It’s where priceless heirlooms and treasured family photos rest. Seasonal and holiday decor also make their home on the mantelpiece….

Prior Lake Home Remodel

Kim and Robert’s remodeling story started with windows and ended with new doors, new woodwork, and a new fireplace. The windows of their Prior Lake home were installed incorrectly when the house was built in 1996 which caused them to leak and warp, making them very difficult to operate. The husband and wife discussed their window issues with Doug and came up with several options. They could have their new…