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5 Expert Tips to Plan a Successful Whole House Renovation

Expert Tips for a Successful Whole House Renovation

Does your home feel cramped or outdated? A whole house renovation might just be the perfect solution! Remodeling your entire home provides an opportunity to address problem areas, refresh the design, and make key areas more functional. But, where do you start? Keep reading for five tips to plan a successful whole house renovation!

Start With a Clear Vision

A whole house renovation is not a small project, but it’s worth it in the long run because you can design a home that is uniquely yours. Taking the time to really envision what you want for your home will help you define your project goals and guide you throughout the remodel.

To get started, get familiar with some of the basic and more complex home remodeling ideas. Some easy ways to do this include:

  • Learning about the latest design trends
  • Reading industry magazines and blogs
  • Browsing Houzz or Pinterest for design inspiration
  • Asking friends or family who have completed a remodel about their experience

Determine Your Budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it is one of the most essential parts of any home remodeling project. A realistic budget not only covers planned expenses but any unexpected ones that may come up. You may also want to budget for eating out while the kitchen is remodeled or staying in a hotel for a night or two.

Planning your budget also includes deciding how you’ll pay for your whole house renovation. Will you pay out of pocket or finance it using a home equity loan (HEL), home equity line of credit (HELOC), or other financing option? Do your research to find the right option for your project and budget.

Consult the Calendar

Do you plan on hosting the holidays to show off your newly remodeled home? Don’t send out invites just yet!

Depending on the size of your home and the scope of the project, a whole house renovation can take anywhere from seven to 15 months to complete — longer if there are unforeseen delays. Consult your home remodeling contractor to determine what kind of timeline is feasible for your home renovation.

Choose a Design Style

The sky is the limit when it comes to redesigning your home during a whole house renovation. Gather different styles, themes, and design elements you’d like to see in your home. That way you have a good starting point when you meet with your designer. Understanding what you like will help them create design concepts that reflect your style and vision.

Tip: While it’s always fun to incorporate remodeling trends, try not to go overboard. As they say, trends come and go, and it’s essential to consider their longevity when planning a whole house renovation.

Think About the Future

A whole house renovation requires a significant investment of both time and money. Protecting that investment is important. To ensure your remodel stands the test of time not just in regards to design, but your lifestyle needs, there are two things you can do.

  1. Invest in high-quality, lasting work by hiring a professional and experienced home remodeling contractor.
  2. Consider what your life might look like in the future. Will the remodel still suit your needs as children grow up and you grow older? If you plan to live in the home long-term, incorporate accessible design features like a curbless walk-in shower and plenty of well-lit areas. If you plan to sell in a few years, consider how the renovation will impact the home’s resale value.

When you’re ready to start planning your whole house renovation, reach out to the Andrus Built team. We’d love to help you create your dream home!

Photo Credit: Terry Magallanes via Pexels

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