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Newly painted exterior of a North American home during summertime with green grass and flower beds

Is your home’s curb appeal looking a little lackluster these days? Summer is the perfect time to change that! There are plenty of simple, quick fixes you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal. To help you get started, we’ve put together a quick list of ways you can spruce up your home’s exterior. Check them out below!

Paint Your Front Door

Try adding a fresh coat of paint, a bold pop of color, or buy a new door with a more interesting design to mix things up. A brightly colored front door is eye-catching and creates a great focal point for your home.

Fix Problem Areas

Have a list of home maintenance issues you need to fix? It’s time to stop putting them off! No matter how small, things that are noticeably broken or in disrepair can send your home’s curb appeal plummeting. So, set aside a weekend while the weather is warm to knock them off your list. You’ll be glad to get them done!

Enhance Your Landscaping

Your landscaping is essential to maximizing your home’s curb appeal. The first step is to ensure you’re maintaining your existing lawn and landscaping. In addition to mowing regularly, keep flowers and shrubs from becoming overgrown by cutting them back as needed and add new plants to fill in any gaps in your landscaping. You can also enhance your landscaping by adding lighting along pathways.

Update Your House Numbers

Make it easy for guests and delivery drivers to find your home by updating your house numbers. There are so many different styles available, so finding a set that complements your home’s aesthetic is easy. Pinterest is a great resource if you want to get creative with it, too.

Give Your Exterior a Fresh Coat of Paint

Never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home’s curb appeal! Before repainting your exterior, it’s always a good idea to use a pressure washer to remove peeled, cracked, or flaky paint. While you’re at it, you can also repaint and trim or shutters in need of a facelift.


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