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5 Tips for Remodeling Your Commercial Space

Contemplating remodeling your commercial space in 2019? If so, then we imagine you’re asking yourself a lot of exciting but also daunting questions. Things like, what designs and styles will age well with my business? How do I improve the flow of my company’s space? What building permits and plans will I need to get approved? Or how do I make my clients feel even more welcomed in my office?

All of the thoughts above are smart and valid! Thinking through the remodeling process before you get too deep is always a good idea. Certainly, whoever you hire to oversee your project will guide you through decision-making. But it never hurts to start with a little good old-fashioned research! Read on below for our five pieces of advice for anyone looking to remodel their commercial space.

Approach Trends with Care
Even more so than any other remodel, we caution commercial clients to approach trends with care. A business is different than you’re home. Profit margins matter and you’re probably not going to remodel your space often. Ask yourself what current styles still feel timeless and invoke a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

Consider Daily Details
From foot traffic patterns to your daily office routine, no detail is too small to consider when remodeling a business. A renovation shouldn’t just leave your office looking shiny and new; it should improve things for you and your customers. Before you meet with contractors, start brainstorming what elements in your space could use a fresh eye.

Client Comfort is King
We’ll say it again and again; the client is king. Yes, you might work in your office, restaurant, showroom or store every day. However, your clients are the people you are out to attract, welcome, and earn repeat business from. Every choice you make should be rooted in catering to their needs, comfort, and overall experience.

Follow the Rules
No remodeling or building project is without its rules and red tape. Sorry, but it’s unavoidable! If managing building permits and municipal codes isn’t for you, then we highly stress hiring a contractor who has their stuff together and will tackle them for you. In fact, we’d go so far to say it’s our job to make those things easy and painless for clients!

Don’t Forget Your Brand
Last but not least, keep your brand in mind throughout the process. Whatever changes you end up making, your enhanced space should reflect what your business is about. For example, an auditor’s office should feel classic, professional, and organized, while a family-owned restaurant might want to capture a warm, homey, and friendly mood.

Ready to get your project moving? Please, reach out to Doug with any of your questions or ideas anytime!

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