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Most midwestern homes have them, but no two usually look the same. They’re the sometimes neglected and often underutilized basement. While we understand why so many homeowners don’t maximize their lower level’s square footage, it doesn’t mean we don’t highly encourage making the most of that precious space!

No matter what purpose you may have in mind, finishing your basement increases your home’s resale value and livable space. Starting to think it might be time to give your forgotten basement some attention? Read our favorite lower level remodeling ideas below!

Media Room
A perennial favorite, basement media rooms are enjoying a design resurgence. Whether your style is a fully-loaded home theater or more of a comfortable and cozy family retreat, media rooms are an excellent use of space that you’re sure to enjoy.

Home Gym
If you’re passionate about all things exercise, then a home gym would be a great addition to your basement remodel. Workout rooms enable you to save travel time and money on pricey gym memberships. They also allow you to tailor your equipment to your exact preferences and needs!

Kids Hangout
It doesn’t matter if you’re planning play dates or facilitating teenage hangout sessions, the lower level is the perfect place to designate a kid-friendly zone. Just think, the basement is ideal for keeping messy toys, crafts, games, and sports equipment out of sight and temporarily out of mind.

Hosting Hub
Is your family filled with die-hard football fans? Do you like being the house on the block to host game nights or the epicenter for big family gatherings? Your basement is the place to create that personalized sports bar, weekly poker spot, or classy pool lounge!

Guest House
We know, sending guests downstairs may sound a little unappealing, but hear us out. A basement guest area is a surprisingly brilliant solution; it allows overnight visitors private space, a separate bathroom, and gives everyone extra breathing room.

Smart Storage
If you’re not into spending a lot of time on your lower level, then our last suggestion is to make it storage central. Depending on your needs, you might add a workshop, holiday storage, an extended pantry, a craft corner, or any other sort of organizational asset!

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