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Design Trends: Engineered Wood Floors

Whether remodeling your current home or building new construction, the design process is full of details and decisions. From fixtures to paint to flooring, the finishes of each room in your home can vary, which often requires constant budget adjustment. If you’re working within strict financial parameters or simply prefer taking a conservative approach to spending, then you’re probably all about weighing your options. When it comes to wood floors, in particular, a savvy homeowner should look into engineered wood materials.

Much like any finish, there’s a range of high and low end engineered wood brands to consider. While we certainly can’t list off and rate every product available, we will say that technological advances have made engineered wood an excellent choice for many of our clients. Not only do they save on cost, but engineered wood is often hard to distinguish from solid planks after installation. Besides their affordable price tag, read our other favorite advantages of going with engineered wood flooring!

One of the biggest pluses of working with engineered flooring is that it’s highly customizable. From colors to thickness, any style you can dream up is probably available somewhere. Another bonus? A wide variety of thickness options means fewer awkward flooring transitions; no more worrying about extra strips or trimming doorways!

If you value conservation as much as beauty, then engineered floors might be just the right fit for your home. Because they use far less actual wood, particularly of more exotic tree species, engineered floors usually have high sustainability ratings. Good for the environment; good for you.

Last but not least, engineered flooring is pretty DIY friendly. Designed to facilitate easy installation and click into place, many engineered wood products are a weekend warrior’s secret weapon. However, if you’re not ready to tackle the ins and outs of measurements and table saws, you can always give the pros a call too!

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