Fireplace Facelift: Updating Your Mantel & Surround’s Style


Design trends are in constant flux, but certain interior elements seem particularly subject to passing styles. When it comes to the living room, we can think of no feature more prominent than the family fireplace. The mantel is the star of the show, the centerpiece of the traditional American family room. It’s where priceless heirlooms and treasured family photos rest. Seasonal and holiday decor also make their home on the mantelpiece.

Since the fireplace is so often the focal point of family living space, shouldn’t its style be compelling? If your hearth’s starting to look dated, there are a multitude of methods to update its appearance! From simple fixes to all-out remodels, we’ve listed our favorite fireplace upgrade ideas below.

1. Refresh Your Paint. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, fresh paint is the best bang for your buck! You’d be amazed at what a coat of white or a bold pop of color could do for your space. Paint especially shines on basic brick fireplaces – it’s a stunning modern and understated look.

2. Play with Tile. For a more dramatic change, try playing with tile, if you’re feeling even braver bring in a pattern. You can find a beautiful tile to match any taste or price point; your creativity is your only limit!

3. Get Bold with Artwork. Another easy way to reset your mantel’s mood is by adding artwork. Whether you’re aiming for a burst of color or pattern, minimal or natural flair, we guarantee there’s an artist out there to suit your style. Bonus tip: score affordable pieces at local art fairs and non-profit gallery openings!

4. Add More Dimension. To add even stronger style, consider bringing texture and dimension to the forefront of your mantelpiece. Explore design blogs, Pinterest, and Houzz for design inspiration – they’re a fantastic place to find cutting edge ideas!

5. Update Woodwork. The last element that can date any fireplace is the woodwork’s finish. Certain stains and flourishes feel tied with distinct eras; replacing or refacing woodwork is the fastest course to a modern mantel. If DYI projects aren’t your passion, this would be a good time to call in a professional craftsperson!