Tips for Designing a Basement Bar


One of our favorite areas to help clients reimagine is the basement. Unlike the main level, all bets are off downstairs! Basement space is open to interpretation. We’ve seen it all, media rooms, exercise studios, craft areas, game rooms, playrooms, and of course, built-in bars. Each type of space is fun to bring to life, but today we’re singling out the basement bar.

A time-honored tradition, lower levels bars are the perfect way to give the basement a little class. They create an intentional, but informal, party space. Instead of having to drag dishes, snacks, and drinks from upstairs, everything needed to entertain is housed in one organized spot! Extra appliances, accents, and accessories can also add custom flair and personality. Chomping at the bit to design your personal basement paradise? Read below for our advice on getting your project rolling!

1. Access Your Space. With any building project, the first step is always to strategize for the available space. Ask yourself, will the entire basement be a party zone or just a corner? Will the room revolve around football games or casual parties? How much seating is needed? Do kids use the space? Your answers to these questions will provide a clearer picture of your family’s needs.

2. Discern Your Vibe. Another key piece of the puzzle will be discerning the vibe you want for your room. Browse magazines, Pinterest, and Houzz for ideas – they’re all great places to get started! Once you’ve found your taste and what mood you’d like to give your space, making design choices becomes ten times easier. Case in point, there’s a vast difference between the decor of a sports bar versus a cocktail lounge. Make sure you and your spouse are aiming for the same style target!

3. Safety First. Expanding on our first point, the presence of kids is a game-changer when designing a home bar. Whether you’re dealing with curious toddlers or rebellious teens, factoring them into your plans is drastically important. Even if you aren’t a parent, you’re still likely to host friends or family with children. Assure your future peace of mind, incorporate storage that will allow you to lock away alcohol and breakables when necessary.

4. Leave Options. Our final piece of advice is to customize your home with a healthy measure of caution. When remodeling any home, it’s always a fine line to walk between adding personal features and maintaining resale value. Because lower levels are often such catchall square footage, it’s smart to leave options open for subsequent homeowners. Think of your basement as a second great room, determine its purpose with multiple functions and family members in mind!