Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


The hazy days of summer have come and gone, which means one thing, it’s time to look ahead to fall! Every homeowner should have a seasonal maintenance checklist, that way once the weather starts changing you know exactly what projects need to be tackled. If to-do lists aren’t your strong suit then give the one below a try; it’s a great jumping off point for getting your home ready for winter hibernation!

Yardwork and Landscaping. Fall maintenance helps prepare your yard for winter’s deep chill. Be sure to trim bushes and trees, cover gardens and any vulnerable plants, and rake all leaves. Take the time to repair any sidewalks or paved paths that could be dangerous when covered with snow. Next, put away any lawn tools, sprinklers, and hoses. Don’t forget, a well prepped fall yard means a much easier spring!

Deck Maintenance. If your home has deck or porch, fall is an ideal time to check for safety and ultimately prepare for the spring. It’s also important to clear your deck of all leaves and seasonal debris, which could destroy the wood’s finish if left to linger too long. Last but certainly not least, give your deck a thorough cleaning (and reseal if need be) before the winter snow hits.

Assess Energy Efficiency. A huge part of readying your house for winter is making sure you won’t be wasting precious heat. Keeping a home warm in Minnesota can already be pricey, don’t throw away money on leaking heat or inefficient appliances. Begin by checking all of your doors and windows for cracks, sealing any potential leaks you find along the way. Next, schedule an inspection of your heating system and consider replacing any inefficient appliances with newer models (remember, this often involves a tax rebate).

Roof Check. Nobody wants to deal with a leaking roof in the middle of winter, fall is the perfect time to get your roof cleaned, checked and repaired! Start by cleaning out your gutters and removing any branches or easily accessible debris. Next repair any loose shingles and check for water pools or potential attic leaks. If you find significant damage that’s out of your league, don’t risk getting injured, call in a professional roofer to finish the job.