Celebrate Winter at Home: Cozy Home Interior Touches |  Home Remodeler St Paul MN

Winter is in full swing!  And here in Minnesota we all know that the snowy months can feel long.  But rather than get dragged down by the cold, embrace winter with these cozy home interior tips!

Winter Home Interior Tips | St Paul Home Remodeler

Get Out Those Throws — Find those soft and heavy throw blankets and add them to your sofa and chairs.  They make a welcoming treat for guests or are ready when you settle in with a good book on a cool winter’s evening.

Find the Flannels – Flannel sheets, that is.  Dig them out of the linen closet and your bed will be cozy in no-time.  Need new ones?  Try these from Target!

Warm Up Your Colors — The winter blues are named after a cool color-tone for a reason.  We associate snow and winter with cool colors, like blues and whites.  While these are calming colors, they can get a little dreary too.  Add some warm colors (reds, oranges, deep yellows, dark fuchsias) in your decor to balance things out.

Light Things Up – With a new lamp that is.  Adding extra light in the wintertime can make the dark days seem less dreadful.  The warm glow of a new desk lamp or decorative floor lamp might be just what you need.  Find some interesting ones at West Elm here.

Bring Some Green In – When we’re spending less time outdoors, we miss the natural beauty of leaves, grass, and trees.  Sure you may have had a Christmas tree, but ideally something more permanent will be a better long-term addition to your winter decor.  Try some spruce branches in a vase or bring in some succulents, like these shown on Pinterest.

Think Happy Thoughts — For real.  A recent study by a PhD student who visited Norway found that complaining about winter makes the gloom that can accompany it worse, whereas celebrating the beauty and glory of it keeps spirits higher.  Go ahead, picture yourself all curled up by the fire with snowflakes outside, and smile about it!

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