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Selecting Your Bathtub of Choice: Comparing Freestanding Tubs to Built-ins  |  Bathroom Remodeler Twin Cities and St Paul MN

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom?  In addition to decisions of layout and style, choosing your bathtub of choice will be a major part of what brings your room together.  Unless you plan on skipping the bathtub all-together in favor of a shower only, you have two main areas to choose from — the freestanding tub or the built-in tub.  Below is a quick comparison of the two:

Freestanding TubsBathroom Remodel Twin Cities St Paul MN

  • Freestanding models tend to be luxurious and dramatic.  Their distinctive presence steals the show in any room.
  • Though particularly popular for master baths, they can make a statement in a guest bath as well.
  • Styles include claw-foot, pedestal, and soaking tubs.
  • They don’t require wall space for installation or plumbing.
  • The availability of styles is increasing as manufacturers offer more options.
  • Typically intended for use in larger bathrooms, though compact versions are being made as well.
  • Since these are heavier tubs, reinforced flooring may be required.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll want to plan for bath-side storage—they don’t generally have natural ledges to store bath-side necessities.
  • Freestanding tubs tend to be more expensive overall, but are growing in popularity.

Built-in Tubs

  • Built-in tubs are typically less expensive.
  • Straightforward plumbing makes for easier installation.
  • They are designed to work in tandem with a shower, unlike most freestanding bathtubs.
  • Ledges make for easy storage for soap, shampoo, candles, and other bath necessities.
  • Though a huge variety of models exists, they only vary so much in style.

Bathtubs are a lovely way to add a spa-like experience in your bathroom. Whether you choose to add drama with a luxurious freestanding tub or opt for the practicality and ease of a traditional built-in, the options available today are an exciting mix of contemporary and vintage; you will surely find something on the market that is the perfect fit for you!

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