Spring & Summer Home Improvement Projects  |  Home Remodeling St Paul MN

Now that the weather is warmer, there are a few home maintenance Remodeling St Paul MNand remodeling projects that you might want to consider getting a jump on!  Tackling one or a few of these projects will prove to be an investment you’ll enjoy throughout the summer and beyond…

  • Decks, Patios, and Sun Porches:  There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your spring, summer, and even fall more with the addition of a deck or sunroom.  These features expand your livable space, and make everything from entertaining to lounging a bit more relaxed.  Want some sun porch inspiration?  Check out our post here.
  • Gutters and Drains: With storm season in peak, your drains and gutters will be getting quite the workout.  Make sure yours are in fighting-form by replacing any old gutters and ensuring that all downspouts are properly pointed away from your home’s foundation to avoid flooding.
  • Siding: Now’s the time to take a walk around the house and see how well your siding endured the long winter.  Home exteriors take the brunt of snow and ice while we stay curled up inside!  If necessary, spring and summer are great times to replace your siding or upgrade your home’s exterior in practical or decorative ways.
  • Driveways: Driveways and sidewalks also may not fare well in the winter months.  Check both for damage and make repairs as necessary.  If you are considering re-sealing your driveway this year, spring and early summer (before it gets too hot) are great times to get this project underway.
  • Kitchen Remodeling:  Why this interior remodel during the peak of nice weather?  Because you can eat outside.  With that grill and a backyard dining setup, suddenly being re-located out of your kitchen for a short time won’t seem like such a hardship.  Plus you’ll be all decked-out with a new kitchen well before the winter holidays arrive!  Here’s 10 kitchen features you can start wishing for right now.

Start your spring and summer remodeling projects now and have your home in tip-top shape just in time to enjoy the best of Minnesota’s beautiful weather!  Contact us here at Andrus Built to get started on your home improvement or remodeling plans today!