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The Art of the Kitchen Island  | Kitchen Remodeler and Contractor St. Paul

Well beyond just practical, the kitchen island has become a statement making aesthetic piece, full of endless innovation.  Ranging from elaborate built-in islands to eclectic kitchen carts, here are three reasons why every kitchen, big or small, should consider adding a kitchen island:

Kitchen in New Luxury Home

1. Surface

Countertop space is a coveted asset, whether covered in stunning granite or rustic butcher block.  Whether your coffee pot needs a home outside the cupboard or you just need more dinner prep space, extra countertop surface is sure to be a valuable resource. When entertaining, kitchen islands make great gathering areas, or fill the need for extra seating when surrounded by bar stools.  Well beyond food however, kitchen islands are versatile hubs for homework time and laptop usage, and a popular hang-out spot for the whole family.

2. Storage

Innovative pull-out cabinetry has made kitchen storage better than ever, and kitchen islands are a great way to access this.  From pull-out drawers to garbage-bin cabinets, and warming drawers to microwave nooks, the storage solutions that can be found in a kitchen island are welcome additions to almost any home.  Even creative additions like children’s play areas and pet feeding stations have found their way onto the modern kitchen island.  Take a peek at these innovative kitchen islands featured by Better Homes & Gardens.

3. Style

As the center of activity in American homes, kitchens are as welcoming as they are practical.  Large or compact, a kitchen island can be a statement making aesthetic piece or even focal point in your kitchen.  When set as center stage with drop-down lighting, bright colored seating, or decorative surface elements, the kitchen island may very well be a designated work of art.  Even adding a non-traditional island, such as a kitchen cart or tall table, can make a great design element while offering practicality.

Ready to be wow’d?  Check out these 99 inspiring kitchen islands ideas presented by hgtv – one might just be the perfect fit for your home!

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