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Window Replacement – An Energy-Efficient Way to Beautify Your Home

window replacementNew windows. Who doesn’t want them? Simply put, replacing your windows means improving:

  • The energy efficiency of your home
  • Your heating & cooling bills
  • Your home’s curb appeal
  • The enjoyment of your home

But new windows are an investment. Are these positive improvements really worth the time and money? Let’s take a look at these one by one.

Boosting Energy Efficiency
This is probably the most amazing thing about new windows: make pesky drafts or troubling condensation disappear. Today’s windows are remarkable in their ability to keep heat from entering your home during the summer and help to retain heat during the winter. Lowering your home’s energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and shrinks your carbon footprint. See the ENERGY STAR website for more on the environmental benefits of new windows.

Saving Money
In fact, replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows lowers household energy bills by 7-15%.  Take a look at the ENERGY STAR website for more details on the financial benefits of replacing your windows.  Lower heating & cooling bills is something your budget will love!

Appreciating Curb Appeal

It may feel insignificant, but window replacement will improve the value of your home beyond just energy efficiency. Replacing your old windows will improve the curb appeal of your home, not only for your neighborhood, but also for grabbing the attention of future home-buyers! In addition, some styles also have low visibility for scratches and dings – meaning your windows will look nicer for longer.

Enjoying Your Home
Spiffing up your house is like spiffing up your outfit – you enjoy life more when appearances are improved. Window replacement will increase the quality of natural light (think clean & clear new windows letting that unblocked light in!).  And you’ll enjoy new found pride in your home that will bring joy as you take care of what’s yours.

Thinking about replacing your windows? Let the experts at Andrus Built do the heavy lifting and install them right! Call us today to learn more about how we handle window replacement and remodeling.

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