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Winter Home Remodeling Projects

While winter is not the most conducive time of year for many remodeling projects such as siding, roofing or other exterior endeavors, home remodeling efforts can still take place in the winter months. Consider any of these undertakings to keep your home improvement moving forward despite the cold weather!


Bathroom Renovations:  Bathrooms are a great winter home improvement project.  You will likely be seeing additional houseguests during the winter holidays and what better way to impress them then with a newly revamped bathroom.  Whether you install a new sink or countertop, add a tile backsplash or replace your room’s flooring, the majority of the project can be done indoors.


Improve Insulation: As the temperatures outside drop, consider keeping the temperatures inside up by improving your home’s insulation.  Increase the insulation in your attic or crawl space.  Also, don’t forget to check your home’s windows and doors for any heating leaks and re-caulk windows and door frames as necessary.


Install Hardwood Flooring: Are you considering a flooring upgrade?  Winter provides the ideal setting for installing new hardwood flooring. Not only will the dry winter air helps to prevent gapping in the newly laid boards, decreased humidity also means there’s less of a chance for water damage.  Cold winter air can also speed drying time, allowing flooring adhesives to set more quickly.  An added benefit?  New wood flooring tends to be a great insulator!


Basement Remodel: Consider remodeling your basement this winter.  Since the basement is underground, all work will be completed indoors meaning you won’t have to open up any areas of the home to the elements like if you were having a new roof installed. Plus, winter air is less humid lower the chances of mold forming on exposed surfaces.

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