Planning For Your Home Addition

Have you outgrown your space?  If your home no longer feels like it fits your needs, it may be time to consider a home renovation or addition.  We love taking an existing space and renovating it to perfectly meet the requirements of the homeowners who live there.  However, as you prepare for your home improvement project, there are some important considerations before you can get started.  Check out our preparation tips:

  • Clarify Your Property Lines: We want to help our clients make the very best use of the space that they have available.  However, before we can do that, we need to know what space you have!  To make project planning easier and to help ensure that your addition is not violating any building codes or city ordinances, determine your home’s property lines.  If you do not have a survey of your land, hire a surveyor to assist.


  • Consider Your Space: Before meeting with a contractor, consider what you are looking for in your new space.  Begin to think about what you want your home addition to look like and start sketching out your thoughts.  Any consideration that you put into a project before meeting with your contractor, will make that first consult all that much easier!


  • Plan Your Timing: Depending on the size and scope of your renovation, your home addition will likely take some time to complete.  Plan your schedule accordingly, while also recognizing that if your project falls during holidays or bad weather, your timeline might be extended.


  • Plan Your Permits: A surefire way to stop a project in its track and send it off schedule is to not have the proper permits.  Before your contractor gets started, make sure they visit your local city government and find out what permits will be need to move forward.

Are you ready to start your home addition or renovation?  Contact Andrus Built to get your project underway!