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Make your home a Winter Wonderland with these new Pantone colors

Want to spice up your home and banish those winter blues with some winter whimsy? Lucky for you the world’s leading color expert, Pantone, has come out with a 2011/2012 winter color palette that is sure to do just that. Appropriately titled “Wonder,” the winter color guide focuses on three main themes: Blue Sky, which represents fantasy and freedom; Science, which represents the marvel of discovery and exploration; and The Cult of Nothing, which represents the fun of rediscovery and appreciating the slow moments in life.

Nice ideas, but maybe a bit too abstract to glean any real decorating tips from, you say? Well, Pantone’s got your back. Here are some more specific breakdowns of the themes and the paint colors that go with them.

Blue Sky
Embracing imagination and fairytales, the Blue Sky theme suggests balancing rich, cool tones (like reds and browns) with airy neutrals (tans and beiges) to create an ethereal but calming feeling.

Pantone breaks this theme down into three palettes: Pharmaceutical (brown, beige, and pink bases), Crystal Formations (warm, shimmery tones like reds, roses, and rouges), and 100% Pure (bolder, more striking colors like cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).

The Cult of Nothing
A bit more intangible than the others, The Cult of Nothing theme is also broken down into three parts: Family Ties (“A complex grouping of close tones that emerge out of the shadows. The colors in the half-light become de-saturated, creating a dreamy and tender softness,” according to the Pantone website), Surprise of Being (neutrals combined with oxygenated greens), and Lunar (calm greys cut up with surprising reds and softened with calm golds).


If this guide still isn’t enough inspiration for you to whip out the paintbrush and create your own winter “Wonder”-land, have no fear! The Pantone website is full of color suggestions for any season or personality. Who knows? Maybe the best way to banish the winter blues is to decorate your home in summer colors! For more color ideas, tips, and tricks, visit the official Pantone website.

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