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Every year around this time professionals in the remodeling and design industries put together their ideas about what was popular in the past year and what to look forward to in the coming one.  Jillian Burton,  an interior design project analyst for the Wisconsin Kohler Company, spoke with Remodeling Magazine about some of her ideas for what’s hot (or not) in 2011. Here’s a recap of what she had to say:


According to Burton, now, more than ever, fashion is making its way into the remodeling world. Bright colors and playful prints are seeping into walls and furniture everywhere. Though personal tastes certainly differ across a wide variety of areas (not everyone is into animal prints, after all), Burton believes that using the home as a medium for self-expression will be a common theme in 2011.


As you may have guessed, wood flooring is still in and will most likely remain that way for a long time to come. Though oak flooring has traditionally been a staple in older houses, many homeowners are now opting for the lighter maple or cherry flooring and woodwork. Both materials take stain extremely well, but are less saturated and more versatile than oak.


Just as there is a shift away from oak flooring, Burton has also noticed a move away from traditional cabinet design as well. Many homeowners are choosing to opt for the less conspicuous pantry area cabinetry over the standard row of wall cabinets, or, if they can’t afford to give up the storage space, to get more creative with their existing storage. Replacing a few of the wood doors with glass ones or opening up a row completely is a great way to get some variety without losing any of the space.

To read the full article visit Remodeling Trends and keep checking back with Andrus for more updates about remodeling tips, trends, and tricks in 2011!

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