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We’re proud to say that we’ve been in the remodeling business for over twenty years, and during that we’ve worked our magic on a lot of rooms that our clients weren’t so proud of before we got a hold of them. Basements have always been a bit of a challenge in most homes; they have so much potential to be something really special, but are often just forgotten about or forgone for other more common rooms. While it’s perfectly understandable that many people will simply resolve to use them for storage, we all know that there’s nothing quite as fun to hang out in than a really well finished basement.

Though of course money, existing structure, and available resources create some restrictions, overall the design of your basement depends almost entirely on you. Do you want to embrace the cozy, cave-like feel of your basement? Well then keeping the heavy oak trim and painting it a deep, neutral tone may be the direction to head down. Want to open up your basement and make it into a fun, inspiring playroom for your kids? Try installing French doors, eliminating as many unnecessary columns or walls as possible, and painting a bright color on a prominent accent wall. And if you’re concerned about cooler temperatures in the winter making the space uncomfortable no matter how beautiful it is, consider installing a wood burning stove or fireplace for added heat and ambience.

Whether you’ve already got the basement of your dreams mapped out down to the last detail or know only that you don’t want it to be what it has been for the last ten years, we can help you develop your basement vision into a beautiful room that you’ll never hide from again.

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